Hungry & Tired Reflects on a Delicious Summer Meal

I love summer — the hot days, constant barbecue, and the prevalence of rose in the afternoon. When fall begins to emerge, I like to think about some of the wonderful times I have had during the summer. Most of those times involve food! I’ve had many wonderful summer meals, and wanted to share one particularly delightful evening with you.


This meal was incredible — we smoked some ribs, made with a rub and a spicy plum sauce from Weber’s Way To Grill, which is an absolutely fantastic grilling manifesto. I love inventing my own recipes, but it’s also fun and instructive to learn from other people who make delicious items. Smoking the ribs makes them super succulent, and the sauce is just really good. It cuts through a hot night like nothing else.



For the sides, we made Thomas Keller’s creamed corn and a panzanella salad (Italian grilled bread with heirloom tomatoes, basil, soaked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar). Mr. Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home cookbook contains the best creamed corn recipe on the planet. I think the secret is cayenne pepper and lime zest. Also lots of butter and cream. Mr. Keller sure can cook, and I recommend any of his books for all aspiring chefs (and for those who like looking at really pretty photos of food). We also had these great rolls from a Danish Bakery in Oakland.


Top the meal off with a big glass of wine, some fancy soda, and wonderful company. And of course, a dog who requests a plate of his own.

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